Tuxedo rental vs. purchase


Tuxedo rental vs. purchase

Top 5 factors to consider

So, you’ve been invited to a black tie event. It’s important that you show up dressed appropriately. If you are a casual dresser, you may not even own a suit that is updated in style and fit. Even if your work does require you to dress formally, your closet maybe full of black, navy and charcoal suits, lacking the flair needed for the event. Sometimes, being in a wedding party, you may have color or style requirements to coordinate with the event. So the dilemma often is, to rent or to buy a suit/tux? 

Here are the top 5 things to consider: 


Visit a local menswear store. Ask questions and compare the cost of renting vs. buying. Keep in mind, though, sometimes there may be add-on costs such as insurance, late return fee, etc. associated with rentals. 

Color/style restraints: If you are part of an event that is color and/or style specific, for eg., when you cousin decides that all groomsmen have to wear coat tails or when you have to wear a lavender vest and tie to match your prom date, it might be a good option to rent a tuxedo if you feel that you may have little use for those items again. 


If you are generally a difficult size to fit off the rack, you may need an extra long jacket, or a portly fit etc., renting a suit might be something to consider. It’s easier to rent as well if there is considerable disparity in jacket n pants size proportions. 

Time: How much time do you have? Will you be able to find what you need, have it altered and ready on time? What are the expedited shipping options and costs? Is it more efficient to buy a suit at a place that might offer in house fitting and alterations? 


If the requirements are pretty simple, such as a black suit, you will be better off considering a purchase. Wearing your own suit, altered to your measurements, will be a good investment if you are not expecting to lose/gain a significant amount of weight in the near future. You can use it to multiple other events- graduation, interviews, christening, weddings, funerals etc. You will not only carry it with complete confidence, you will be more comfortable! 

At Step N Style, our experts are ready and willing to help you make the right choices! 

If you have any more questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to reach out. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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