Tuxedo rental vs. purchase

Tuxedo rental vs. purchase Top 5 factors to consider So, you’ve been invited to a black tie event. It’s important that you show up dressed appropriately. If you are a casual dresser, you may not even own a suit that […]

job interview attire

How to pick a tie for an interview

“A picture speaks a thousand words.”  We have all heard and experienced the truth of that statement. What if I were to say, “A tie speaks more than a thousand words.” Why is the tie so important?  It is the […]

Windsor knot

How to tie a Windsor knot 2

The most well known of all tie knots is the Windsor, also called the full Windsor or the double Windsor, named after the Duke of Windsor, who preferred this knot. It’s a symmetrical triangular knot. In the video, is Art […]


5 Tips for Suit Shopping 2

Are you a suit novice? For many men, buying a suit can pose a bit of a challenge, and a trip to the suit store may become overwhelming and sometimes, even frustrating. To make the process easier and pleasant, be […]