Suit Package Sale

Suit Package – Starting at $149

By far our most popular sale ever! You’ll look great from head to toe.

We have a big selection of suits to choose from, as well as an array of color shirts to coordinate with. Select any tie and handkerchief set to complement your look, then you are welcome to choose a pair of shoes from the dozens of choices available to you.

Group orders welcome!

We accommodate and welcome group orders for weddings, quinceñeras, gospel groups, musical groups, etc. We are happy to place orders with our vendors even if it’s not part of our current inventory, for the smallest of items.

Lay it away today!

Suit Package Sale

How our Suit Package works:

Step 1 – Pick a suit

Pick a suit from our extensive collection. We offer a wide range of styles, fits, and colors

Styles: Single breasted, Double Breasted, single button, 2 button. 3 button, and no collar

Fits: classic, modern, slim, and ultra-slim; All of them in different patterns and colors. 

You’re sure to find one that is perfect for you! 

Step 2 – Choose a shirt

Choose a Shirt to compliment your suit, from everyday classics and neutrals to party brights, or something in the middle, we have the color you are looking for! 

Step 3 – Add a tie

Add a Tie Set to bring it all together. Our staff can help you navigate the huge array of ties in stock, to suit your style and occasion. 

Step 4 – Pick some shoes

Complete your package with shoes from our carefully curated selection. Our choices and options of footwear are sure to “Wow” you! You’ll have a custom selected ensemble in no time. 

Step 5 – Add socks

Don’t forget the Socks!  Our happy and vibrant sock prints are a wonderful highlight! 

Step 6 (Optional) – Add extra flair!

Upgrade your package with all the extras* that you need to add a personal flair! 

A vest adds sophisticated elegance to your formal look and can easily be coordinated with your partner’s evening wear! 

Designer inspired shirts, vests, bow ties, shoes, and accessories provide you endless options when it comes to making a style statement!  

*up charges apply 

Vest, Tie & Bowtie Catalog 1

Vest, Tie & Bowtie Catalog 2